Viruscan 8 5 dat file not updating

Server Fix: Change the server's SSH compression parameter in When making an SSH connection to a host pool you will get a lot of scary warnings like "WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION CHANGED!The authenticity of host XXX can not be established", etc.

When making an SSH connection using password authentication, the user/password dialog box can lose focus (become greyed out), so you can't type into it.Workaround: Change Kermit's terminal type to VT220, which is still supported on most Unix platforms.SSH connections can fail with "no matching comp found: client zlib, server none,[email protected]".Recently this terminal type has begun disappearing from Unix terminal (termcap/terminfo) databases, for example in Solaris 9 and later.If you use Kermit 95 to log in to such a Unix system and try to use any application that formats the screen (EMACS, Vi, etc), you will get a message to the effect that your terminal type is unknown.This is the most common symptom of a problem that occurs if Kermit 95 is started in such a way that its window would be wider or taller than the physical screen size at the configured resolution.


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