Trust your intuition dating

This process of rumination increasingly distances you from your gut judgments.

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People high in the intuition dimension of the Jungian sense of personality would be more prone to making the error of hiring the young woman who seems nice but is actually flighty.But you can avoid such situations before they go too far if you truly listen to your inner voice.Sometimes our inner voice reacts with undue alarm, especially if you’ve been hurt in similar situations before, and it may need to be tuned down.The two approaches are not incompatible, however, if we broaden the Jungian definition.According to Jung, one feature of intuition is accessing your inner, unconscious experience.According to Remmers at al., you should also trust your gut when you’ve had a great deal of in making a certain judgment. study was that by tapping into your inner experience, you become more open to those all-important intuitive processes.


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