Today show speed dating dogs

But he keeps on getting mistaken for Katy Perry’s dog, Nugget.(Not to be outdone, Nugget is actually a professional model, who starred in Perry's Citibank commercial this year.) The mix-up is understandable; afterall, the parents were dating until earlier this year and Bloom has spent time with Perry’s pup.While you may not be able to help every homeless pet, just saving one frightened dog from death in an animal shelter would mean the world to .Partnering with an animal shelter or rescue group and offering a needy dog short-term sanctuary is a lifesaver.Being trapped in a kennel surrounded by other barking dogs, nightmarish smells, and strange people can cause even the most friendly dog to cower.

If you’re considering adding a dog or puppy to your family, think of fostering as speed dating doggie-style.So what if you only foster one dog in your entire lifetime? Contact a local rescue group or animal shelter and offer to open your home to an abandoned pooch.With that in mind, here are 10 reasons why you should foster homeless dogs: You can rightfully brag that you’re a bona fide lifesaving hero.Make sure you get an agreement from the shelter that spells out exactly what they pay for.Expenses to ask about include: vet care, food, and flea/heartworm preventive.Many rescue groups have no brick-and-mortar shelters. Even a one-room efficiency is better than a noisy cage surrounded by frightened animals and scary smells.


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