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“[They] have a conversation that they don’t understand as it’s in English or sometimes in Urdu, and it’s the case of ‘You’re with him. You’re going to marry him now.’ “My own view on it is it’s financial. They can recruit them, it costs them nothing apart from a flight or a bus ticket.“The original purpose of the trafficking seems to have been the sham marriage but many of these women have been forced in to prostitution, they have been raped, they have been subject to abuse that would never have happened if they hadn’t been trafficked in the first place.He said the trafficking victims are often women who “have come from an impoverished area, they have low levels of intelligence and are gullible.” DI Mc Millan explained: “There is no conversation about marriage before they get here.

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Women who it’s suspected were raped, abused and forced to work as prostitutes were led to safety prior to the major police raid in Govanhill.At the same time, hit squads from Greater Manchester police were targeting homes south of the border as part of the same operation, with the trafficking ring thought to extend to several areas in Britain.The European Court of Justice in the Hague had to grant Police Scotland permission to form a joint investigation with the Slovakian police force and the Metropolitan police before they could work together on targeting traffickers in both the UK and abroad.We may then apply our discretion under the user terms to amend or delete comments.I’m reading that Slovakian world No.20 Dominika Cibulkova is dating Austrian tennis player Jurgen Melzer, ranked 35th in the world.Detective Inspector Steven Mc Millan, the operation’s Senior Investigating Officer, told the Evening Times the raid was the first of two planned stings.


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