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There is almost none, and the little there for me was meh. The Aussies would do better to give us a sequel to that mean little gem: Wolf Creek . It seems odd, because there was no tampering with Daughters of Satan, which had two scenes that were rougher than those in , IMO.-------------------- Galahad wrote: We are assailed on all sides by those who would impose, rightly or wrongly, censorship.

A lot of the stuff we're into can be kind of mean and scary, but just remember it's all fantasy. I would recommend checking out some of the stories in the GIMP Fiction section...we've got some great writers here who can really bring the fantasies to life.Unfortunately, that's all it was, basically, a tease.A fairly attractive blonde lady is threatened with a hot branding poker to the face but the bad guy pulls it away before he can do any damage. show, Ralphus, showing the rocks being piled on the gimp but then after that no other gimp torture or gimp killing scene was shown.Let the fire at least build up for minute or two before the rescue. I like to picture myself in the place of the victims I see on this site and in films.Sometimes I even tie myself up when no one is at home.I'd like to find out exactly what is meant by "harm to the viewer" and how this is determined from the targeted content.


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