Simplify media updating statistics

The news section will be ordered by the most relevant, and the most shared by your connections.You can discretely look for a job on your mobile app and save it to view later. People were using Linked In on i Pad’s between 6 and 9am (before work) and between 7 and 11 in the evening.Activity is main feature of the page, sitting just under the profile information.

Over 1 million groups have been created that contain between 2 and quarter of a million members. 75,000 developers are integrating Linked In’s API’s into their own services.

Of course if you would prefer to see the presentation yourself, then here it is: Over 175 Million members, growing at 2 members per second. It took 6 years to add their first 50 million members.

Linked In just hit 10 million members from Brazil, which makes it the third largest country on Linked In along with the UK, behind the US and India.

The news is tailored to you based on the information that Linked In knows about you and your connections. 150 thought leaders were asked to create articles for Linked In on any topic.

These thought leaders consisted of: NEW STATISTICS 175k new profiles created every day. 25 million profile views every day 10 million Endorsements every day.


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