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He stared blankly ahead throughout the three-minute hearing, appearing not to understand what was going on. His public defender, Joshua Poisel, said he may ask for Thomas to be released.

A few minutes later Thomas shuffled in wearing heavy glasses, a short sleeved red jumpsuit, orange socks and sandals. Judge O'Donnell said that if that happens he will have to agree to have no contact with any children.

They took away three vehicles, including a World War II-era Packard Super Eight convertible and a Ford Model A from the 1930s.

A flyer about the Baum case was found inside the Shelton home, where Charles Emery, 82, a former janitor at Seattle Children's Hospital, lived part-time with his brother Donald, who died last October.

He is expected to inherit up to another 0,000 from Donald's will.

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He calls her 'Samdra.'He filed, saying his marriage had 'irretrievably broken down,' and said he did not know where his wife was living. They had no children.'I believe (Sandra) is not a resident of this state or if she is in the State of Washington she is concealing herself,' he said in a sworn statement, explaining why he could not serve her with divorce papers.'I have made careful inquiry of relations, friends and business associates…and I cannot learn of her present whereabouts.'A judge in Tacoma approved the divorce on September 8, 1987, four months after Emery had first filed.They have been held in jail on 0,000 bail ever since.Papers filed in Charles's guardianship say he suffers from 'severe' dementia. Emery will have continuing mental deficits which make it highly unlikely that he will recover from his challenges,' the niece's lawyer wrote.Emery's two older brothers, Charles, 82, who court papers say is suffering from severe dementia, and Thomas, 80, both appeared in court before Judge Sean O'Donnell.The trio have been in custody since detectives raided the home they shared in the Meridian area of Seattle on August 9 and discovered mountains of child porn and children's clothing along with descriptions and pictures of child rape and sacrificial killings.A further kink in the case involves the whereabouts of Donald's wife Sandra. According to a notice in the local paper Donald Emery, then 39, and Sandra Eddy, 30, took out a marriage license that month.


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