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Even though you can find love here, please note that this is not like other online dating or video chat websites.

Friends login to this American Chat Room to chat with like minded people and make new friends. This is a free online American chat room with no registration needed.

MARTYN LLOYD-JONES: We are told about Gabriel that he “stands in the presence of God,” waiting, as it were, to be given a message. It was he, you remember, that was given the special message to tell Mary what was to happen to her, and how she was to become the mother to the Son of God…It was he who gave the message to Zacharias―remember that Zacharias was told about the birth of his son, who became known as John the Baptist, through an angel that appeared to him when he was in the temple?

God tells His people what He’s going to do, and His purposes, through angels…And, of course, we have this crucial statement in that last verse of the first chapter of Hebrews, where they are described as “ministering spirits”―“” MATTHEW HENRY: They are employed by the Redeemer as His messengers, and they go cheerfully on His errands, because they are His Father’s humble servants, and His children’s hearty friends and well-wishers. This angel was one of the ministering spirits sent forth by Christ, to serve a gracious purpose of His, and for the good of one of the heirs of salvation.

Boys chat room for boys, You will meet with tons of boys from all over the world, of all ages and professions.

You can have all sorts of discussions or conversations. Whether it be about vehicles, video games, or movies, you will find that you have something in common with someone in this room.

Do you remember how He told Gideon what he’d got to do and what God purposed through an angel?

JOHN GILL (1697-1771): Sometimes such are God’s messengers, sent by Him on errands to men, and are interpreters of things to them, as Gabriel was to Daniel (Daniel ; ).

Whether you are just looking for a chat or even a long lasting friendship, this is a room just for you boys out there to enjoy.

There are no age requirements in this room, which makes it even more fun. Please find a different room if you do not meet this requirement.

JOHN CALVIN: Though the angels are not nigh us, or at least do not appear to us in a visible form, yet God can by other means afford us help when there is any perplexity in His Word: He promises to give us the spirit of understanding and wisdom, whenever there is need.

MATTHEW HENRY: Though angels were not employed to preach the gospel, they were often employed in carrying messages to ministers for advice and encouragement.


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