Online dating in israel best friend dating my brother

Having the same religious beliefs is often an important component of having a successful relationship — and even a successful first date.

But it can be hard to find someone who fully understands the culture, specific practices, daily commitments, and more that mean so much to you as a Jew.

Ultimately, Bernath – who plans to roll out 50 sites worldwide - intends on connecting all the sites into a global network, so that Jewish singles can have the choice of meeting someone local, or finding someone abroad.

“Technology can definitely help connect Jewish singles,” he said.

“For us, it’s important that we help the young adults that we come in contact with to marry Jewish,” said Aida Drizin, co-director of The Intown Chabad in Uptown Dallas for young professionals.

The custom-engineered matching technology and professional experience they have, assisting Jews living in other niche communities such as Australia and the Far East, University of Pennsylvania’s Hillel Gradnetwork, Yeshiva University students and alumni, and many others, is now available to Aliyah-oriented singles around the globe.

“Most people tend to date others who live in their surrounding area,” notes Rosenberg.


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