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He is a second year student in Seminary, Doyle Hardy, our Student Associate Pastor, is being undergirded by us in his further preparation for ministry as a full-time student at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis* These two are going to share with us from the perspective of their seminary experiences as to what this means for the future of the church. Cline is going to complete the triad sharing in the sermon by raising questions and seeking to clarify implications. B M S , we are one of several community hosts for the feature movie, FOR 'PETE'S SAKE! 4 e Plans are moving for our new Church School semester beginning March 3 which includes the formation of a new adult class for Young Couples e Doyle Hardy is giving this major preparatory attention. Currently, he is serving as an Associate Pastor at Boulevard Chri- stian Church in Fort Worth. M., 25 youth from the South Side Christian Church in Kokomo will be presenting an original production for us and youth of our community. These are on the theme, "Called to Be One in the Lord" based on I Corinthians 12:1-14. An Ecumenical Lenten Program joining our church with First Baptist, Lincolnshire Church of the Brethren, and South Wayne Baptist will have a preparatory leadership retreat on February 1 and 2 in our building led by John and Ad Carr Then program options will be available at varying times and in the varying buildings from February 24 to March 28. Our ability to continue this is enhanced by Memorial Gifts as well as will bequests.

B* Lehman Deaconesses Rosemary Km 11 and Marge Lehman Ushers A. After the film, any desiring to talk about a basic first commitment to Christ will move to the Chapel any desiring discussion of the film and communion will move to the parlor, I- am thrilled as I look ahead to many coming things in the weeks and months ahead: 1. Come and share the love and power of the living Christ in our midst in worship, study, prayer, service, and fellowship during 1974! Doyle, Miriam and I have divided calling responsibilities so that \ Jim Taylor 3 Judy Aker PREACHING CHRIST The Christian Year begins with Ad- vent, then moves to Christmas and Ep- iphany, then to Lent and the Passion Week climaxed by the victory of Eas- ter, The final highlight comes with Pentecost where Christ* s work becomes the task and thrust of the church. Finally, I rejoice in the variety of opportunities which are before our people. Come allow the parables and story of Jesus to be presented in a fresh and contemporary way by youth of a sister congregation. I rejoice in our partnership with them in vocation- al development through the operation and support of our Church Vocation Memorial Trust Fund. Thus, those controlling the estate have no legal grounds to make the intended bequest to the church* Think of the church while in the procedd of writing your will s but, with legal aid . This musical was presented twice to responsive groups in Kokomo dur- ing November and by request will be given a third time this Friday night before coming to us on Saturday to prepare for Sunday. Clothing donations have almost overloaded us s but food supplies are needed regularly and generously. Church Vocations - Many were quite positive on Sunday to the shar- ing by Ed and Doyle. He told me that the church had been added in a hand-written codicile which was not in the original and which lacked witnesses. j START 1974 IN CHURCH: Be in Church School at 9 :30 Ac Mo or one of our worship hours — A.


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