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Brooke hires Tad Martin to find out who fathered Dixie's baby, and Tad and Dixie become friends.They talk, laugh, eat chicken fingers and become very close.However, the character's demise was deemed permanent.The incident was elevated as one of the most prominent controversies in American daytime television history.However, their bond is shattered when Dixie realizes that Tad is only interested in her to find out information for Brooke.She decides to try to make it work with Adam, but deep down she knows that Tad has found his way into her heart.

Tad persists in warning Dixie about Adam's true intentions, but she simply will not listen. " is what Dixie often replies whenever Tad suggests that Adam is only after the baby.Finally freed from Adam, Dixie falls into Tad's arms and he proposes to her wearing a bright yellow chicken suit.Dixie happily accepts, and the two make plans to wed. The pairing became one of the most prominent soap opera couples in American daytime history. On Internet message boards, the couple is often referred to as "T&D" or "Tn D" (for Tad and Dixie).She and Tad began dating again, and in 1999, they marry a third time. In January 2002, Dixie leaves Tad and JR, off to the Caribbean, where she gets a divorce from Tad.


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