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As you might gather, the site is focused on "green" or eco friendly singles who want to meet others of like mind.They claim 85,000 members, though how many are in Australia is unclear.It therefore gives a unique opportunity for you to meet a diverse range of people from all over the world!Positive is another golden oldie of a dating site, harking back to 2002.There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of niche online dating sites in Australia.Some of them may appear to be jokes at first, but others are deadly serious and are fully intended to bring singles with specific needs or interests together.These include showing up in the top searches, your profile highlighted as a "featured member", see newly verified members, sending the first message and maintaining a private photo album.

The site claims a no-nonsense attitude to finding a romantic partner: someone to whom you don’t have to justify your gaming hobby.

Due to the vast distances, singles may have to travel farther in order to meet that special someone.

However, if you are looking for a person with specific interests then these niche dating sites are undoubtedly a brilliant starting point! Since niche dating sites don't have as many members as mainstream ones, don't limit your search to only your area. Some operators of niche dating sites are often in the field themselves and aren't professional designers.

Over 1,000,000 singles have already joined the STD dating site, and that number continues to grow.

Not only does it function as a place to meet other singles, but Positive Singles also acts as a community to help and support those who are trying to live with their illness.


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