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Gabby’s relationship with Ollie has been rather tempestuous, not helped by the fact he kept inviting his two girl-BFFs everywhere, including the birthday holiday Gabby organised for him, which went a bit down hill when they turned up. One of them, Cheska Hull seemed to wonder whether turning up on a couple’s romantic get away was the best idea.But whatever she decided, she ended up in a hot tub with them anyway.Successful means you’d know her if you were a connoisseur of tummy tuck adverts.To be fair to her she is a good dancer and has appeared in Calvin Harris and Tinie Tempah videos.

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I will say one thing for Millie; she does get humorously drunk.I have many a guilty pleasure – most of which I embarrassingly don’t feel the least bit guilty about, but do pretend to.These include religiously watching the Neighbours omnibus every weekend, lusting over Tom Hollander in In The Loop when he’s watching a documentary on sharks in his shirt, tie, boxers and socks, and spending ridiculous amounts of money in Waitrose.She’s trying to launch a pop career in the UK, but as we only ever see her doing sound checks in the technician-free Café de Paris and practicing on her piano in a bare white room, I’m not sure she’s set for take off.I wasn’t a huge fan of Gabby’s at first, and refused to call her anything but Jaw due to her under bite, which now makes me feel very mean.Ollie works as a VIP host for Whisky Mist – and Raffles, as we were lead to believe in the first episode before the Daily Mail burst that bubble.


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