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/PRNewswire/ -- Resort wear, home goods, furniture and more are being offered at prices ranging from 25% to 50% off retail as luxury chain Calypso St. Tiger Group and Great American Group are supervising the going-out-of-business sales at 16 boutiques in , the inventory is drawn from 25 Calypso St Barth's boutiques, nine of which have already closed for good; the remaining 16 stores will be shuttered at the close of the liquidation process. "They're filled with exotic and resort-inspired merchandise—things like dip-dyed caftans, cashmere cardigans, Moroccan-print pillows and curated pieces by international designers," he said.

Barth is well known as a luxury lifestyle brand with an international following.

(Actually, I almost never see common stock deals, but it helps to illustrate the point).Participating preferred with a cap is similar to Participating Preferred; however, the participating proceeds are capped at some multiple of invested capital.In other words, the investor can receive her liquidation preference participate with common, but only until her proceeds reach the cap.Assume the preferred shareholders have a 1X liquidation preference. In this case, when the company is sold the investors get 33.3% (M/M) and the Founders get 66.6%. The x-axis represents the total liquidation value of the company.The y-axis is the amount paid to a given class of stock at a given liquidation value.I posted recently on the dangers of getting too hung up on pre-money valuation and promised to write a post on the different types of equity securities and the importance of creating a waterfall diagram.


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