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“It’s actually probably easier to meet people now than ever before, if you think about all of the incredible technologies we have to connect,” says Eric Klinenberg, a sociology professor at New York University and the author of Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone.“But one big issue is people today are really looking for their soul mate," he says, "and they’re not going to compromise.” In addition to holding out for a soul mate, Klinenberg says many people aren’t settling down with someone because of society’s changing culture. Name It ​March 4th 2016 Q: In 2015, 15.9 million people decided to do this. A: Have plastic surgery March 2nd Q: Jon Bon Jovi’s mom was one of the first women to hold which job? Feb 25 Q: Once a month, 33% of Americans eat this for dinner A: Cereal FEB 24 2016 About three percent of Americans have one of these — although more than 20 percent think they do. A: Valentine’s Day Cards Feb 10th 2016 Q: Men spend about 42 minutes more per week doing this than women. Feb 19th 2016 Q: About 56% of us use these almost every day — but 10 years ago, almost no one knew how. Feb 17th 2016 Q: Seven out of 10 new brides do this on their wedding day. A: Change their Facebook status to “married.” Feb 16 2016 Q: About three in 10 Americans used our smartphones for this last weekend. A: Sending Valentine’s Feb 15th: Q: It’s one of the scariest words in the English language for many Americans this time of year A: Audit Feb 12th 2016 Q: 15% of US women will do this on Sunday A: Send themselves flowers Feb 11th 2016 Q: We’ll buy about 180 million of these this year – and 85% of them will be purchased by women. Bruce & Hobbes’ – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 12/13: Q: According to a new survey, 58% of people admit to having THIS negative experience with their car. Bruce & Hobbes’ – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 12/09: Q: One third of us have had someone at work steal this. A: “An Idea” Bruce & Hobbes’ – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 12/08: Q: 25 years ago this was not a popular clothing item for women, but now it is. A; Socks Friday, October 7th Q: 6 out of 10 Americans are exhausted by this. Monday, Aug 22nd Q: According to a new USA Today survey, about one in 10 American men say this about their wardrobe. A: Have someone else pick out their clothes while shopping Wednesday Aug 17th Q: The most popular restaurant for athletes at the Olympic village in Rio is what? 74% say they linger in the loo longer to check their email, Facebook or surf the web Monday 8/9 Q: What are the 5 colors on the Olympic flag? A: on a mobile device Thursday, May 12th Q: 400,000 men have had this in the past 5 years and this number is expected to grow. Their biggest selling item is bananas (still) and just last year they faced a bit of criticism for playing non-stop Celine Dion. A: divorce cakes Friday, March 25th Q: People who do NOT do this on social media are 73% more likely to be happy than those who do A: friend their ex Wednesday, March 23 Q: A recent survey of more than 9,000 people revealed that 72% say THIS is a major turnoff when meeting or dating someone online A: poor grammar Friday, March 18th Q: Given the choice, most Americans want a red one. Missing in Action Chun Kuk Do Karate Kommandos Wednesday, March 9th Q: Today (3/9/16) is her 57th birthday. Her first pet was a horse and in 2009 she got a very controversial tattoo. A: Switch Price Tags Monday, 1/25 (Berlin Mall Opticians) Q: How can you reduce tearing while peeling onions? Bruce & Hobbes’ – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 12/12: Q: According to a new survey, 40% of parents admit to doing THIS during their kids bedtime ritual. A: Skipping pages while reading their kids a bedtime story! ” Bruce & Hobbes’ – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 12/06: Q: According to a recent survey, 50% of couples SERIOUSLY disagree on this topic. Q: According to a new real estate survey, having one of THESE near your house will double its value. Q: A new survey of women found that 17% of them said they had a significant other that complained they spent too much on this. Q: A new survey of sports fans found that 85% of people tried this sport once, & never wanted anything to do with it again. A: Nurses Friday, October 20th Q: The #1 cause of death in the U. A: Potato Wednesday, October 12th Q: When it comes to losing things, men are 3 times more likely to lose this than women, what’s the answer? Tuesday, October 11th Q: Just under 12% of people say they like to taste this, even through it is not food. A: Envelopes Monday, October 10th Q: According to a pet insurance company THIS is the most commonly surgically removed item from dogs? A: quit smoking Thursday, 6/23 Q: 55% of us did not use or take advantage of this completely last year A: Vacation time ! ) Wednesday, 6/22 Q: Most of us will buy a lot of these this summer at a buck or two a pop – but the most expensive one ever sold for 5. A: A hot dog Tuesday, 6/21 Q: More and more millennials are using these than ever before. A: UFO sightings Thursday, June 2nd Q: According to a survey by insurance company 1st Central, 47 percent of drivers keep this in the car at all times. A: Buy something Friday, May 13th Q: Kids between the age of 8-12 spent about 6 hours per day doing this last year. Wednesday, April 20th Q: These didn’t exist just a few years ago, but high schoolers have recently begun shelling out more than 0 for them. A: Prom-Posals Monday, April 18th Q: About one of every 12 taxpayers will do this today. A: Ask for an extension Friday, April 15th Q: A new study from Columbia University says if you’re doing this once a day you’re doing it too much. A: showering Friday, April 8th Q: It’s tracking you, even if you don’t use it A: Facebook Q: 13% of Americans share this trait – but the percentage is twice as high among Major League Baseball players. A: Left-handedness Wednesday, March 30th Q: According to a new USA today survey, 1 in 4 pet owners have done this for their pets A: taken a sick day for them Tuesday, March 29th Q: They first opening in Arkansas. 20 percent of us say cherry jellybeans rule, while another 12 percent take strawberry. Thursday, March 17 Q: Boston tops the rest of the U. in this, with Albany, New York checking in at number-two. Tuesday, March 15th Q: More than 40 million Americans are expected to bet more than billion on this this year A: March Madness Friday, March 11th Q: According to a survey by Nationwide Insurance, nine percent of us have done this while behind the wheel. Chuck Norris created his own branch of martial arts. Chuck Norris lent his voice to what cartoon series? 62% don’t plan to this year Q: take vacation Tuesday, 1/26 Q: According to a recent survey, 10 % of people say they do this to save money…what is it? Bruce & Hobbes’ – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 12/19: Q: According to a new survey, the average woman changes THIS every 12 years. A: Access to social media Wednesday, October 5th Q: 17% of people in a recent USA Today survey, voted THIS as the most annoying sound ever? September 27nd Q: 43% of employees say they get stressed out doing THIS at work! A: Short pants / high waters Wednesday, Sept 7th Q: According to a new study, successful people all have this one habit in common in the morning A: They exercise Friday, Sept 2nd Q: 13% of Americans love to relax with this activity … they don’t actually hold one of these in their hands anymore … A: You Tube Thursday, Aug 25th Q: Over the course of the average lifetime most of us will spend an equivalent of two weeks doing this ! Wednesday, Aug 24th Q: There are more of these in New York than any other state in the US. Today they are gold plated Friday 7/29 Q: Nearly four in ten people who have one of these very expensive items never put it to use. Thursday 7/28 Q: 63% of users in America are female A: Pokemon players Tuesday 7/26 Q: Most adults who do THIS, started at age 14.. 3 of them are useless A: Keys Wednesday, 7/13 Q: 14% of Americans believe this is untrue. The number of doubters has more than doubled in the past decade. One in 10 think it’s a great thing A: A messy desk Tuesday, May 3rd Q: According to a recent USA Today survey, 76% of office workers say this is a no-no on the job. A: Checking e-mail or web surfing during a meeting. Monday, April 25th Q: 63% of American men say they’ve done this at least once, but only 44% of American women have. A: Chewing gum Wednesday, 1/6: Q: The average single woman does this every two-and-a-half weeks, while the typical single man does it once every three-and-a-half months. A: Change the bed sheets Wednesday 12/30: Q: In America, this is the best week of the year to do this. Bruce & Hobbes’ – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 12/14: Q: According to a new survey, 70% of people admit to forgetting to do THIS five (or more) times a month. A: Election Coverage Thursday, October 6th Q: 56% of college students would turn down a job offer if a company didn’t offer this? Friday, September 23rd Q: 86% of women say this is one of the biggest fashion mistakes men make, what is it? Thursday, Sept 1st Q: 40% of Americans want to know THIS before dating you A: Your credit score Tuesday, Aug 30th Q: Nearly one in five Americans admit that they’re guilty of doing this in this public place A: talking on the phone in a restaurant Monday, Aug 29th Q: Which BRAND do young kids love more than Disney and Oreo? A: Lawyers Tuesday, Aug 23rd Q: About 5.6 million Americans have one or more of these at home. A: Mc Donalds Monday Aug 15th Q: It takes most of us 7 minutes or less to do this A: fall asleep Wednesday 8/10 Q: According to a new Mi Media survey, 3 of 4 smartphone users say their device has made them spend more time doing this. A: blue, yellow, black, green and red Friday 8/5 Q: If you don’t have the time or energy to play Pokemon Go, you now have the option to do THIS A: Pay others to play it for you while you are busy or working or sleeping to boost your score Thursday 8/4 Q: The organizers of the Olympic Games stopped doing this in 1912 A: handing out solid gold medals. Only 61 percent of those who’ve passed the bar actually work as lawyers. Monday 7/25 Q: According to a new survey, more guys are doing this than at any point in the past 30 years. Friday, 7/15 Q: According to a recent survey, you’ll spend 2 weeks of your life doing this…What is it? Thursday, 7/14 Q: We have an average of 9 of these. Monday, 7/11 Q: Q: Believe it or not, eight percent of people say this is the most useful thing about social media. In the next 10 years men are on track to get more of this than women. Wednesday, May 11 Q: According to a new survey by U. News & World Report, millennials say THIS is the greatest country on the planet A: Canada Thursday, May 5th Q: The average American man will spend 8 on this in 2016, but the average American woman will only shell out 4. A: Mother’s Day gifts Wednesday, May 4th Q: 1 in 3 bosses say this is a major negative in a worker. Thursday, April 21 Q: According to a new Forbes magazine survey, about one in six retirees do this at least once a week. A: Walmart Monday, March 28th Q: This has been popular on social media now for a while as more and more people are coming up with creative ways to “celebrate”. A: Chewing Gum Tuesday, 1/19 Q: This is the one thing the Fire Department says they won’t rescue A: your drone Monday, 1/18 Q: It takes the average American 4 hours and 32 minutes to do this, and we hate every second of it A: a visit to the ER Wednesday, 1/13: Q: Americans spent .1 billion on this last year – more than movie and concert tickets, sporting events, video games combined A: Lottery tickets Tuesday, 1/12 Q: This has more potassium than a banana, more fiber than the leading cereal, more vitamin C than an orange and more vitamin E and K than an Avocado. A: A kiwi Thursday, 1/7: Q: Doing this while peeling onions can help prevent you from crying.

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A: Working out JD’s BRAIN BUSTER: Q: This is actually illegal in 21 states. ” Bruce & Hobbes’ – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 12/02: Q: According to a recent survey, THIS is the #1 statement women DO NOT want to hear from their partner. A: “You Look Tired…” Bruce & Hobbes – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 11/30: Q: According to a recent survey, 2/3 of Americans admit to eating THIS, even though they know doing so can be dangerous. Q: According to a recent survey of office cleaning professionals, THIS item has more germs than a toilet handle. A: The coffee machine Bruce & Hobbes – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 11/28! Bruce & Hobbes’ – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 11/23: Q: Over the course of your lifetime, you’ll spend over ,000 on THIS. Q: Even though it’s considered a “kid’s item,” 2/3 of adults admit to still having, and using, one of these. A: A Piggy Bank Bruce & Hobbes’ – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 11/21. Bruce & Hobbes’ – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 11/15. Monday, October 24th Q: 81% of people say they think this profession is the most honest? A: Clean their vehicles Thursday, October 13th Q: More than 30% of women say THIS food reminds them of their husbands? A: Animal House (1978) Thursday, 7/7 Q: According to the US Dept of Agriculture this will cost 5,340 over the course of 18 years A: raising a child Wednesday, 7/6 Q: These types of employees are 12% more productive A: happy Monday, 6/27 Q: The average person tries this 30 times before being successful. Monday, 6/20 Q: Saturday night is the most popular time for people — mostly women — to do this. Tuesday, June 7th Q: About 5% of us have slipped into a restaurant or bar for this reason only A: charge the cell phone Friday, June 3rd Q: There are more of these in New Mexico than any other state. Friday, May 20th Q: The average American woman will spend about ,000 on this, while European women pay nearly 90% less – about ,000 A: Giving birth Thursday, May 19th Q: Women take about 40% longer to do this than men do. More than one in five Bostonians can claim Irish heritage. Thursday, March 10th Tough guy Chuck Norris turns 76 today Chuck Norris starred in what action movie series? This is the number one place we lose our cell phones. A: Calling in sick to work on Monday Wednesday, 2/3: Q: According to the Public Religion Research Institute, about 19% of us believe God plays a role in this A: The outcome of the Super Bowl of 29: Q: THIS is all the rage, and farmers are struggling to find enough seeds to keep up.. A: Kale Thursday, 1/28: q: On this day, February 28th, a radio station became the first station in America to do this. Q: play a CD Wednesday, 1/27 Q: 41% of Americans didn’t do this once last year. Bruce & Hobbes – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 11/29! Bruce & Hobbes’ – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 11/22. A: Medical Error Friday, October 14th Q: 40% of American drivers admit they never do this unless they are forced, what’s the answer? Tuesday, 6/14 Q: About 60 percent of us say we do this at least once a year to mark a special occasion, but two percent of us do it every single day. Another seven percent took the fifth, saying they “don’t recall” whether they have. A: waiting on hold Q: This will be part of the Super Bowl agenda for about 1.5 million Americans, whether they know it or not.“It’s become legitimate and viable to be single for a long period of time,” he says.“That’s never been the case before.” Social media and online dating sites have presented singles with more choices than ever, which also seems to be driving people away from tying the knot. Bruce & Hobbes – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 01/10: Q: According to a new survey, women are 50% more likely to do THIS, than men, while commuting to work. A: Drive their car on “empty.” Bruce & Hobbes – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 01/09: Q: According to Wells Fargo, 10 years ago, everyone did this. Bruce & Hobbes – “Survey Says Brain Buster” for 01/06: Q: According to a new survey by, 18% of “PROFESSIONAL” women & men admit to having a favorite one of these. That number goes up as the age of the person goes down. A: cell phone Tuesday, 12/15 Q: There’s a new look in Hollywood and beyond, that cosmetic surgery experts say may or may not be intentional. A: The permanently arched eyebrow Monday, 12/14 Q: Americans spent about 5 million on these in 2014 — and 80 percent of that cash went to China. 8th 1893 in Chicago by the chef of the Palmer House Hotel at the request of a ladies group that needed something they could eat with their hands without getting them dirty. Monday, Sept 21st 2015 Q: Fewer than one in 10 Americans do this every night. A: Hitting the space bar on your keyboard Thursday, September 3rd Q: In a police officer survey, they claim this is the #1 excuse for speeding. The average guy gets his hair cut 12 times per year. That’s the number the typical young woman stores in her phone at any given time Monday, May 18th Q: One in 10 American grandparents have at least one of these. A: Tattoos Wednesday, May 13th Q: One in five men who work from home do this — but twice as many women do the same. A: Stay in their pajamas Tuesday, May 12th Q: This happens at just over one in five weddings. A: The bride and groom write their own vows Monday, May 11 Q: Men who carry this increase their chances of getting a date by 33%. A: Guitar Friday, May 8 Q: The aroma of this immeadiately improves a man’s mood.


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