Dating j salmon postcards

Her attractive features made her one of the most popular postcard beauties of her day." "She loved animals and was often photographed with them. was produced to advertise the "Parrot Jungle" attraction in Miami in the1950s.Studholme reportedly charged a sixpence to autograph her postcards and gave the proceeds to animal and theatrical charities." The parrot is saying "Oh Oh" on this card headed "You can't blame us for this". Parrot Jungle, now known as Jungle Island, was opened by Austrian born Franz Scherr in 1936.It is believed these types of novelty postcards were produced for different towns with place names being substituted and the views under the flap applied to the individual place.In these days of widespread hostility towards smoking, cigarette cards are at least one good thing to have come from tobacco use.

Salmon of Sevenoaks, with some cards printed in Saxony and Germany.

It’s all a sign of the changing times with Facebook and Instagram making it easier to instantly send a text message or share a photo on social media.

Here are five other industries millennials are killing: Diamonds Diamonds may be forever, but apparently they’re not for everyone.

"Female parrot - Tzu-Yung discovered the beauty and feathers".

There must be a story behind this image, but I am unable to find anything so far. The following is an extract from the Wikipedia page for English actress and singer Marie Studholme: "Marie Studholme (10 September 1872 (commonly misreported as 1875) – 10 March 1930), born Caroline Maria Lupton or Marion Lupton, was an English actress and singer known for her supporting and sometimes starring roles in Victorian and Edwardian musical comedy.


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