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As the ownership of a bearer bond was not registered with any financial institution, interest and principal would be paid to the holder of the bond regardless of who originally purchased the bond.

Coupons were attached to each bond, and individual coupons represented a single interest payment.

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It would be rather absurd to ask for a history of ownership of such a piece of paper money.In all our 34 years of buying uncanceled bonds, such histories have never been available.It is extremely rare that owners would ever save receipts of purchases of bonds dated in the late 19th Century to the 1940s.Such demands of histories only encourage legitimate owners of bonds to simply make up histories which cannot be proven or disproven.Much of the following was taken from the new book Historic Foreign Bonds of China by John M. Bearer bonds were unregistered negotiable financial instruments up which interest and principal were payable to the holder of the bond.China bonds have an inherent historical appeal as some of the loans were related to very specific historical incidents or political situations which occurred in China.


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