Cameron bright and dakota fanning dating attention dating deficit disorder

But, no, I guess I’ll be going to New York a lot.” Does she want to go to university? Did Steve Fanning, a one-time minor league baseball player, and Joy Fanning, a former tennis pro, push their daughters into the limelight once their sporting careers had run their course? “It wasn’t what they expected us to be doing at all,” says Fanning.

“Because they have no acting genes, none of our family really does, so no one expected this to happen.

” This autumn, Dakota is heading off to Gallatin, an arts college at New York University.Fanning’s met, and liked, a couple of this gang, but they don’t hang out together regularly.She does have at least one extremely close actress friend, though: her 17-year-old sister, Dakota.And then it did, and they really wanted to make sure that it was something that we wanted to do, which they realised it was when they saw us on sets and everything.” Fanning’s family, originally from Georgia, are Baptists, and they keep her on the straight and narrow. "I go to regular school and then I do movies as well.” In contrast to many child actors, she doesn’t rely on the ministrations of an on-set teacher, but goes to a private school in Los Angeles.Has she thought much about the perils of early fame? So when did Fanning realise that what she was doing was a job, and something she wanted to pursue?“It’s going to be so sad when she leaves,” says Fanning.


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