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A stream starts at the adventure centre, running downhill to its left, cutting through a coal tip.

Cross the stile into the stream's fenced enclosure, then ford the stream, and follow it downhill to a fence.

Visitors in unfamiliar territory or new extensions should be alert to this fact and exercise an appropriate level of care. It is a criminal offence to interfere with bats (note that this would include photographing them without a license, or remaining in a roosting area long enough to change the temperature significantly), so please avoid them wherever possible.

Please do use the log book and sign-in; remember, your life or that of a friend could depend on it!The following list of fixed aids are maintained by the Pwll Du Cave Management Group: All visitors to Ogof Draenen are requested to respect the marker tapes which have been laid in many parts of the cave, as these are there to help protect the formations and occasionally the floor, in order to preserve the cave environment.However, due to the rate of exploration in the cave, it is not always possible to keep up with the taping and some calcite and gypsum formations, mud formations and guano deposits are currently unprotected.Beyond the pitch, a small series of passages can be accessed which consist of two oxbows, the first called Gyracanthus Loop, and a passage, Psammodus Passage, leading back through a choke into the chamber before the pitch.These contain many fossil dorsil spines of sharks (ctenacanthus) which appear as black objects with a U-shaped cross-section protruding from the walls.This group, formally constituted on October 13 1996, and comprising representatives of clubs involved with Ogof Draenen together with the Cambrian Caving Council, will administer future access to the cave and conservation policy.


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