Application note 16 updating mc75i firmware

You need table names to compose SQL commands allowing you to select, insert and update data in the database. \d[S ] list tables, views, and sequences \d[S ] NAME describe table, view, sequence, or index \da[S] [PATTERN] list aggregates \db[ ] [PATTERN] list tablespaces \dc[S] [PATTERN] list conversions \d C [PATTERN] list casts \dd[S] [PATTERN] show comments on objects \ddp [PATTERN] list default privileges \d D[S] [PATTERN] list domains \des[ ] [PATTERN] list foreign servers \deu[ ] [PATTERN] list user mappings \dew[ ] [PATTERN] list foreign-data wrappers List of relations Schema | Name | Type | Owner-------- -------------------------------- ------- ------- vpx | vpx_access | table | vc vpx | vpx_alarm | table | vc vpx | vpx_alarm_action | table | vc vpx | vpx_alarm_disabled_actions | table | vc vpx | vpx_alarm_expr_comp | table | vc vpx | vpx_alarm_expression | table | vc vpx | vpx_alarm_repeat_action | table | vc vpx | vpx_alarm_runtime | table | vc vpx | vpx_alarm_state | table | vc vpx | vpx_binary_data | table | vc vpx | vpx_bulletin_operation | table | vc vpx | vpx_change_tag | table | vc vpx | vpx_compliance_status | table | vc vpx | vpx_compute_res_failover_host | table | vc vpx | vpx_compute_res_user_hb_ds | table | vc vpx | vpx_compute_resource | table | vc vpx | vpx_compute_resource_das_vm | table | vc vpx | vpx_compute_resource_dpm_host | table | vc vpx | vpx_compute_resource_drs_vm | table | vc vpx | vpx_compute_resource_vsan_host | table | vc ISSUE SQL COMMANDS If we want select and view some data from database we use SQL statement SELECT.Postgresql have special DBA (database administrator) commands witch start with character \ (slash). As an example we will use first table from the list an it is vpx_access.Columns can be changed, re-sized and removed using the View menu.After adding the column for Firmware version, the display will then show the firmware version for each detected device.LOCAL\Administrator | -1 | 1 | 1 201 | VPOD01\vsphere-admins | -1 | 1 | 3(3 rows) Update and delete statements can be composed in similar manner following ANSI SQL Standard. EXIT FROM DATABASE SERVER To exit from database server simply use DBA command \q That's it pretty easy, isn't it?Working with v Center database is not daily task of v Sphere admin however we all know that sometimes you can be instructed by VMware support or KB to change something in the database. Port Dox is a file utility that allows end users to configure, monitor and apply updates to Portsmith Host Enabled products: dapta Port Bluetooth & dapta Port USB Host to Ethernet A Windows PC is required to run the utility. After searching the network, Port Dox will show the devices it located on the network.It is a self contained file that does not require installation, making it easy to use. The Name, IP Address, Subnet Mask, MAC address and Status of the unit will be displayed in the appropriate column.

Here is SELECT statement: id | principal | role_id | entity_id | flag----- ----------------------------- --------- ----------- ------ 1 | root | -1 | 1 | 1 101 | VSPHERE.

If devices that are connected to your network do not appear in this list, it could be due to a number of different reasons including: In each of these cases, the adapter can usually be recovered and restored to working condition as illustrated later in this guide.

To configure TCP/IP Settings, General Settings and see the Status of a device, click on a single device, then click the wrench icon.

Allowing cradles, battery chargers, and mobile computers to charge on the same power supply.

With the ability to set network names, static IP information, and update its firmware over the network, the dapta Port Host is easy to configure.


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